Call 1-866-458-5824 For Your Free Event Planning Kit!

Call 1-866-458-5824 For Your Free Event Planning Kit!
High School

Safe, Clean Fun, that will have your students:

Through the fun, well-managed performance of this program students learn about the powers of their mind and the truth about hypnosis and how it may help them with study skills, memory improvement and self-confidence.
This program emphasis is on fun entertainment and is a terrific reward for students that will help them:
• unwind
• relax
• create memories that last a lifetime
• offers light educational message

The Matt Davis Comedy Hypnosis Show is one of the most popular high school hypnosis shows in the country! Matt has performed all of the United States helping high schools everywhere have successful:


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What Makes Matt’s Show Different From Other Hypnotists?

Matt offers a fast paced, contemporary show designed specifically for a high school audience. Matt uses a lot of music to keep the energy level high, and keeps his show updated so it reflects current trends and pop culture.

Matt’s show can be customized to fit a theme, or have an educational or inspirational twist to help with:

They can also learn strategies to deal with:

Have you ever seen a show where the entertainer is:



Dividing their attention between juggling the technical aspects of the show and trying to keep the audience entertained at the same time It can be lame!

You will not find this with Matt Davis!

Matt focuses on one thing – entertaining your audience!

While hypnosis is safe, when practiced by a certified professional, normal on-stage accidents are possible. (Spraining an ankle etc.) Matt Davis has never had an accident that required medical attention, and while he doesn’t ever expect to, you can rest assured that he is taking every precaution for everyone’s wellbeing.

Here is how:

Matt will support you with excellent communication, promotional efforts and an outstanding hassle-free show that your audience will enjoy and rave about!

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